The lecture was a whirl wind. Moussavi set a rapid speed and cadence from the beginning and did not waiver through her hour long lecture. The series, Seriously Cute, organized by the Rice Design Alliance, is focused on challenging our collective concepts of beauty, form and scale. What I imagined to be discussed was not. Was Moussavi’s lecture, ultimately an overview of her career, in line with the series? Most certainly. 

Her practice is centered around the emotional presence of affect. Common among philosophers, but rarely discussed or unknowingly applied to daily life. Without dusting off my Deleuze books from grad school, all I can say is “affect” is an emotional response. Moussavi spoke of architecture and forms that breathed and participated. She stressed an architecture that did not direct or manipulate a person, but instead created space for an inhabitant to think differently in their decision making. Take a second to think about how you live in space. How would your daily life be different with adobe walls instead of drywalls?